Frequency Drives

Did you know that more than 65 percent of commercial and industrial electrical energy is consumed by motors?

A variable-frequency drive (VFD) regulates the speed and rotational force, or torque output, of an electrical motor. VFD’s save energy because they can change the speed of an electrical motor by controlling the power that is supplying it. In many applications, operating at full speed is not necessary and very costly. VFD’s also extend motor life and help cut maintenance costs through their ability to deliver “soft” starts that eases mechanical stress. Not only will HVAC systems run by VFD’s save money, they will also increase the comfort of the building and reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime.

The cost of installing these drives can be recovered in as little as a few months, usually no more than a year, simply from the energy savings.

Ironically, less than 10 percent of the motors in use worldwide are equipped with drives. Contact us to schedule a facility analysis to determine whether these drives will benefit your facility.
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